Criminal Defense Lawyers



The long professional trajectory of the lawyers that combine the firm has allowed them to acquire a consolidated experience in the most diverse areas of criminal law, participating in proceedings for crimes that have come to be called “traditional criminal law” (crimes against life, against physical integrity, against honor, against property, etc.) as well as those related to corporate business, taxes, and public service sectors.

At Tubau Lajara Echavarri we are aware of how important is to be involved in a criminal proceeding, so the firm, together with top-quality legal work, offers its clients a personal and continuous contact, so they not only know occasionally the evolution of their specific case but also are actively involved in it, raising their particular preoccupations and concerns.

Parallel to the work of legal advice, judiciary and extrajudicial defense, the members of Tubau Lajara Echavarri collaborate with various public and private institutions and Universities, giving classes and participating in courses, conferences, and degrees in Criminal Law.




Crimes against life and physical and moral integrity; Crimes against freedom; Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity; Crimes against privacy and the right to personal dignity and the inviolability of the dwelling; Crimes against honor; Crimes against relatives and family duties; Crimes against property and against social-economic order; Crimes against intellectual and industrial property, the market and consumers; Crimes against the Exchequer and the Social Security; Money Laundering crimes; Crimes against the rights of workers; Offences against the rights of aliens; Crimes concerning organisation of the territory and town planning, protection of the historic heritage and the environment; Crimes against collective safety and Public Health; Crimes against road safety; Forgery; Crimes against Public Administration; Crimes against the Administration of Justice; Crimes against the Constitution; Crimes related to the exercise of fundamental public rights and liberties; Crimes against public order; Misdemeanours.


Examining Magistrate’s Court, Juvenile Courts, and Courts for Violence against Women throughout the national territory; Courts of Criminal Matters and Provincial Courts throughout the national territory; Jury Trials; High Courts of Justice; The National High Court and the Central Examining Magistrate Court; The Supreme Court.


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