Criminal Lawyers



The long professional trajectory of the lawyers that combine the firm has allowed them to acquire a consolidated experience in the most diverse areas of criminal law, participating in proceedings for crimes that have come to be called “traditional criminal law” (crimes against life, against physical integrity, against honor, against property, etc.) as well as those related to the corporate business, tax and public service sectors.

At Tubau Lajara Echavarri we are aware of how important is to be involved in a criminal proceeding, so the firm, together with top-quality legal work, offers its clients a permanent and continuous personal contact with their lawyer, so that the client not only knows occasionally the evolution of the criminal proceedings that concerns them, but can also raise their specific preoccupations and concerns.

Parallel to the work of legal advice, judiciary and extrajudicial defense, the members of Tubau Lajara Echavarri collaborate with various public and private institutions, giving classes and participating in courses, conferences and degrees in Criminal Law.




Delitos contra la vida y la integridad física y moral, Delitos contra la libertad, Delitos contra la libertad e indemnidad sexuales, Delitos contra la intimidad, el derecho a la propia imagen y la inviolabilidad del domicilio, Delitos contra el honor, Delitos contra los derechos y deberes familiares, Delitos contra el patrimonio y contra el orden socio-económico, Delitos relativos a la propiedad intelectual e industrial, al mercado y a los consumidores, Delitos societarios, Delitos de receptación y blanqueo de capitales, Delitos contra los derechos de los trabajadores, Delitos relativos a la ordenación del territorio y el urbanismo, la protección del patrimonio histórico y el medio ambiente, Delitos contra la salud pública, Delitos contra la seguridad vial, Falsedades, Delitos contra la administración pública, Delitos contra la administración de justicia, Delitos relativos al ejercicio de los derechos fundamentales y libertades públicas, Delitos contra el orden público, Infracciones penales leves, faltas.


Juzgados de Instrucción de todo el territorio nacional, Juzgados de lo Penal y Audiencias Provinciales de todo el territorio nacional, Tribunal del Jurado, Audiencia Nacional, Tribunal Supremo, Juzgados de Menores, Juzgados de Violencia sobre la Mujer.


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