Crimes threatening life and physical and moral integrity

  • Murder, first-degree murder and homicide by negligence, abortion, injury and torture


Crimes against freedom

  • Illegal detention, kidnap, threats and coercion


Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity

  • Sexual aggression, abuse and harassment

  • Crimes relating to prostitution and the corruption of minors


Crimes against privacy, right to freedom from injury to reputation and inviolability of domicile

  • Discovery and disclosure of secrets and unlawful entry


Offences against reputation

  • Calumny and insult


Crimes against family rights and duties

  • Child abduction and desertion of domicile

  • Non-payment of alimony


Crimes against property and against the socio-economic order

  • Larceny, theft, usurpation, misappropriation, criminal deception, bankruptcy involving criminal negligence, alteration of prices in public tenders and auctions and criminal damage


Crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, the market and consumers


Corporate crime

  • Unfair administration, false accounting, abuse of majority rights and imposition of detrimental agreements, denial of the right to information


Crimes of reception and laundering of funds


Public finance and Social Security offences

  • Tax evasion, subsidy fraud and Social Security fraud


Crimes against workers’ rights

  • Illegal trafficking of workforce, imposition of exploitative working conditions and offences in relation to industrial risk prevention (occupational accidents)


Crimes related to regional development and urban planning, the protection of historical heritage and the environment

  • Illegal constructions, unlicensed buildings, pollutant dumping and emissions

Crimes against public health

  • Issuing and sale of damaged or out of date medicines, alteration of the manufacture of medicines, adulteration of foodstuffs

  • Cultivation or production of or traffic in narcotic substances


Offences against road safety

  • Dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or toxic substances, driving without permit or licence and refusal to undergo tests to determine blood alcohol levels



  • Counterfeiting currency, credit cards and stamped documents

  • Misrepresentation of facts in public, official, mercantile or private records


Crimes against public administration

  • Criminal misfeasance in public office by government employees.

  • Failure to prevent the commission of an offence

  • Non-provision of assistance

  • Bribery, influence peddling, misappropriation of public funds, fraud and extortion

  • Negotiations and activities prohibited to government employees


Crimes against the administration of justice

  • Judicial malfeasance

  • Failure to comply with the duty to prevent crimes

  • Arbitrary use of the law

  • False accusation and allegation

  • False testimony

  • Obstructing justice and professional misconduct

  • Breach of sentence


Offences relating to the exercise of fundamental rights and public liberties


Crimes against public order

  • Undermining of authority, its agents and public servants, resistance and disobedience

  • Public disorder

  • Illegal possession of weapons


Minor criminal offences, misdemeanours




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