Tubau & Lajara & Echavarri, Abogados Penalistas is a law firm specialising exclusively in criminal law. We provide legal advice and go to court to defend the interests of individuals or legal entities. These may be defendants, or plaintiffs planning to take criminal or civil action in private prosecutions.


Due to their long careers in the profession, the firm’s lawyers have consolidated experience in a wide range of areas of criminal law, taking part in proceedings for crimes in what has become known as “traditional criminal law” (crimes against life, physical integrity, reputation, heritage etc.), as well as crimes linked to the business, corporate and tax sectors and public administration.


We know how important involvement in criminal proceedings is for the people involved, and through our top quality legal work we ensure that our clients have permanent and continuous attention and direct personal contact with their lawyer. This means they are not only kept informed of how the criminal proceedings are evolving, they are also able to raise any concerns and worries.


Along with advisory work and legal and out-of-court defence activities (which may be preventive or aimed at reaching agreement), partners at Tubau & Lajara & Echavarri collaborate with many institutions (Bar Associations, the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary, the Centre for Legal Studies of the Government of Catalonia, Legal Training Centres etc.), giving classes and taking part in a range of courses, conferences and master’s degrees focussing on criminal law, criminal procedure and constitutional law.